About us

Since spring of 2007, we had plans to create a website which provided an honest and objective view on all of those who offered online gambling. Since the internet has become more popular, over 2.500 online casinos have gone into business. Some are dark, corrupted companies who do not keep their promises. They don't pay you, they don't provide good service and after a while, they just pack up and leave.

Luckily, there are also a lot of reliable companies that offer online gambling, who do take players seriously and take responsibility for their management. It's our goal to select and review these companies. Then, it's up to you whether you're going to visit this casino, poker room or sportsbook.

Our criteria for selecting a reliable party that offers online gambling are as follows:

  • how reliable and fast is the payout? 
  • are the terms & conditions honest?

  • what does this company do to prevent or to fight addiction to gambling?

  • is there a good help desk in case you run into problems?

  • how are confidential data protected?

  • is this company in posession of an international seal of approval?

  • is the payout system tested and checked by an international accountants office?

  • how userfriendly is the software?

  • how fast will you get your bonus?

  • does the company get positive feedback from the internet community, through forums and blogs?

These criteria are not all. After we've selected an online casino, poker room, sports book or other gaming site, it's up to you if you're going to visit this site. If you do, we hope you will review it and write about it. You can also write on the forum of the website after you've played their games. This way, we hope that the 'bad guys' won't have free play.

Anyway, we wish you lots of luck, health and success!

Team CasinoBazar