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Phil Ivey wins eighth WSOP bracelet

Posted on augustus 10, 2010 by CasinoBazar

Phil Ivey wins eighth WSOP braceletAfter playing through a 478-strong field at the $3k HORSE, Phil Ivey defeated Bill Chen heads-up to claim his eighth WSOP bracelet and, in all likelihood, several million dollars in side bet action. Ivey got heads-up against Chen after defeating a final table that included Jeff Lisandro and John Juanda, but no one was surprised - as we say, it was inevitable.

So inevitable, in fact, we typed that paragraph before the heads-up match was concluded to save time. No US Presidential Election-style misprints for us, though, as Ivey came through to score his first bracelet of 2010.

The final hand was a massive cooler - as Razz goes - with each player being dealt three to a wheel and picking up a strong low. Ivey's 6-5 low had Chen's 7-6 low squashed, however, and when the Great One caught a 4 on the river to make a wheel that was the tournament over in a decisive fashion.

Ivey wins $329,840 for his eighth WSOP bracelet which puts him on par with Erik Seidel. This also takes him over the $13,000,000 mark in live tournament earnings.


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