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Prop bet of the month: cupcakes at high noon...

Posted on augustus 18, 2010 by CasinoBazar

Prop bet of the month: cupcakes at high noon...Never let it be said that Howard Lederer is afraid of a little action. This is why he challenged fellow Full Tilt Poker pro Andy Bloch to eat 24 cupcakes - gourmet
ones no less - in 90 minutes. Successfully managing to achieve what most potheads do every Friday night would enrich Bloch to the tune of $25,000.

Adding to the intrigue was the fact that Bloch was in the middle of playing the $5,000 Shootout event at the time. Over the course of the next 30 minutes Bloch successfully knocked back six cupcakes before tapping out. Lederer wasn't finished with his quarry, though.

"@Andy-Bloch quit at 6," he tweeted. I have offered 5k for 15 and 10k for 20. Don't think he's going to try." Despite the renewed offers from Lederer, Bloch decided against continuing to pack the sugary treats into his stomach.


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oktober 08, 2012



I never gamble, but I don't have any proeblm with gambling, really. I can see how it could become a proeblm for some, but everything can become a proeblm for some people. Food, sex, drugs, alcohol. Shopping. Anything you can do that's enjoyable, someone's gonna do to excess and suffer ramifications from it.As much as you might think they're stupid, and as much as they might be degenerate gamblers, they're also adults. And it's their choice, in my opinion.

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augustus 12, 2011



This is way more helpful than atnyhing else I've looked at.

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juni 28, 2011



this is awsome


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