When to stop playing freerolls?

Posted on augustus 22, 2009 by Rick Mortensen in Poker | Permalink

A lot of people participate in poker tournaments for free. Each day, there are thousands of players that enroll in freerolls at various poker rooms. Freerolls are the best way to practice your poker skills these days. However, there are also a lot of disadvantages of playing freerolls. After all, you don't have to pay to participate, so you won't really care whether you win or lose.... Read more »

Online vs live poker

Posted on augustus 22, 2009 by John Colby in Poker | Permalink

There are different ways of playing poker these days. From playing for fun to playing with large amounts in casinos or online. There are quite a lot of differences between playing online or playing live poker. You need more discipline and control to play online, because sometimes it doesn't feel as if you're playing for real money when playing online. This can be very dangerous.

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