Frequent asked questions general

What is an online casino?

An online casino, poker room, sportsbook or similar site, is a website where you can play for play money or real money.

There are two kinds of online casinos:

Flash casinos

These types of casinos do not require any download, but use Java. An example of this kind of casino is 888. A huge advantage of Flash casinos is that the risk of getting viruses or spyware on your computer is practically zero.

Download casinos

These are casinos that you have to download in order to play. Usually, these are the best looking casinos you can play at. They offer nice animations and beautiful graphical environments. Examples of download casinos are Roxy Palace and Intercasino.

Are most online casinos safe, and honest?

Online casinos are probably among the most highly secured website on the internet. All casinos have a reputation to uphold, and therefore there can be no bugs or errors in their security. All online casinos listed on this site have a license and/or permit. This means that every player gets to play an honest game, where everyone has a chance to win.

Where are most online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks etc. situated?

All the online gaming sites have their base of operations in places like Gibraltar, Curacao and Antigua. These places give licenses to gaming sites, if they meet the demands that local laws have set. However, most of the companies behind these sites are from the United States, or United Kingdom, and are listed at the stock exchange. For instance Party Gaming, an online gaming site that runs Party Poker and Party Casino, is listed at the London stock exchange. Their servers are in Gibraltar.

Isn't online gambling illegal in most European countries?

The law doesn't forbid their citizens to play at foreign gaming sites. It's perfectly legal to play at online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, bingo or backgammon sites that are run from other countries. However, it's wise to only visit those sites that have a gaming license.