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Online gambling for Mac OS users

Mac users can also play at online casinos or poker rooms, but will probably not be able to use the download version of the casino software. However, these days a lot of online gaming sites offer two versions of their software:

a download version and a non download, or Flash version

Mac users can use the Flash version and will not have to download software to their computer. Almost all online casinos offer a Flash version of their software. If you're looking for a poker site with a Flash version, Mac users could run into problems.


What happens if my internet connection breaks down, or a blackout occurs?

In most cases, nothing. For instance, if you play roulette or blackjack, the game will continue without you. This does mean that you could lose your bet for that round or game. To find out if you did, you will need to log back in. Most of the poker sites have some sort of protection against connection losses. This means you cannot lose your bet when your connection temporarily drops.

What's the advantage of a download casino compared to a Flash casino?

The quality of a download casino is often much better than a Flash casino. This makes sense, as Flash depends on your internet connection more, and a download casino does not. Flash can not be made too complicated because then it would only be accessible for people with a very fast internet connection.