Game rules bingo

Bingo is a real game to play online together. This means that you can play with more than one person at the same time. You can also play in various rooms. There are rooms where you can play for 10 or 25 cents, but also for 50 cents per card. All players with card of the same value are together in one room. Per player, you can usually play with up to ten cards at the same time.

The purpose of bingo is to remove 24 numbers from your card as quickly as possible. These numbers are placed on the card in five columns and five rows. The middle square stays empty. The numbers are not printed in order, so that huge numbers of combinations are possible. Identical cards hardly ever occur. But of course it's possible that BINGO occurs on different cards at the same time. This goes for the row prize as well as a full card. When two BINGO's occur, the prize money is usually divided over the number of winning cards. Dividing the prize money at online bingo takes place fully automatic as usual.

Playing over the internet is very simple because most of the functions are fully automated. For instance the Autobuy button can be used to buy the same number of cards in the next round automatically. If you've played a round with five cards and pressed the Autobuy button, you will get another five cards when the next round starts.

A new round begins when the clock reaches zero. The clock starts counting down again (to buy new cards) at the end of a round. The end of a bingo round is when a player has a full card BINGO. Each round, a maximum of 75 balls are brought into the game (hence the name 75 ball bingo).

Almost every bingoroom has a jackpot that's attached to the bingo game on a regular basis. The jackpot increases with every game, because a small part of all bets are added to the jackpot. This jackpot is paid when a fast bingo occurs. This means you win the jackpot if you get bingo (a full card) within a limited number of balls. Bingo jackpots can go up as high as thousands or tens of thousands euro's.

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