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On the internet there are a lot of companies that offer a lot of online games. We won't explain the rules of all online games here, it would simply be too much. If you want to know the rules to a lot of games, we recommend you visit  GameDuell, Zigiz, Playtopia of Zylom. These sites are set up professionally and offer a nice platform to play online games. Also, you can play against other people, which makes it more exciting.

Below we will explain the rules to popular games such as Solitaire, Sudoku en Mahjong.


Purpose of the game

  • Every time, one card is taken from the pile of cards.

  • All 52 cards are put on the four basic stacks

  • The cards need to be sorted by suit (clovers, spades, hearts and clubs) and consecutively (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king) in four stacks

Start of the game

  • Basic stacks: the four basic stacks on the top right are empty when the game begins

  • Playing stacks: at the beginning, 28 of the 52 cards are divided in seven playing stacks. Only the top card of every playing stack is turned over

  • Talon stack: the other 24 cards are on the talon stack


To move the cards, you need to click them with the mouse, and drag them (drag & drop). By double clicking on a card, you move it to one of the basic stacks.

About the game

  • Open more cards: with a click on the stack of playing cards, the next card is shown and put on the remaining stack. The remaining stack can be played with again.

  • Moving cards: only cards that were turned over can be moved from one stack to another. Cards that are still closed need to be turned over first.

  • Moving cards to the playing stacks - color: on the playing stacks, the colors of the cards need to vary, red follows black follows red follows black, etc. The card suit does not play a role here.

  • Moving cards to the playing stacks - number: on the playing stacks, the value of the cards goes up, without skipping a number (8 follows 9, ace follows 2).

  • King is the basis: on empty playing stacks, only kings can be placed.

  • Moving card ranges: if on a stack, more than one card is turned over, the whole range of turned over cards can be moved. The same rules apply here than when moving just a few or even a single card.

  • Put the ace away first: when a basic stack is still empty, you will first need to place the ace on it.

  • Automatic sorting: cards that are not useful in the game and can be put back on the basic stack, will automatically be sorted. A 5 will be sorted automatically when all 4's are on the basic stacks.

  • Put cards back: the top cards of the basic stacks can be put back on the playing stacks. If you put this card on the basic stacks again, you will not get points for it again.



Purpose of the game
Fill the empty squares in such a way, that each horizontal line, in each vertical column and in every block, the numbers 1 through 9 are only entered once.

1. A puzzle consists of a grid of 9 by 9 squares.







2. This grid is divided in blocks of 3 x 3 squares.







3. A horizontal line of 9 squares is called a line.







4. A vertical line of 9 squares is called a column.







5. At the beginning of the puzzle, a certain amount of numbers between 1 and 9 is filled in.







6. Now fill the remaining numbers between 1 and 9 in such a way, that the numbers 1 through 9 only show once in every line, column or block.







7. This 8 can't be put here because the row already contains an 8.







8. This 5 can't be put here either, because there's a 5 in this column already.







9. Also, this 4 can't be put here because there is a 4 in the block already.







So now you know how to make a puzzle, you can start the game!


Purpose of the game

Clear the playing board as fast as possible by clicking similar stones that are clear on one side.


By clicking two equal and free stones, you remove them from the playing field. Click all 144 playing stones away from the playing baord as soon as possible.

What are equal stones

Equal stones are equal when they have exactly the same image on them. In total, there are seven sets:

  • Chines figures (4 times 9 different symbols)

  • Bamboo (4 times 9 different symbols)

  • Circles (4 times 9 different symbols)

  • Wind directions (4 times 9 different symbols)

  • Dragons (4 times 3 different symbols)

  • Seasons (one time 4 different symbols)

  • Flowers (one time 4 different symbols)

Seasons and flowers can each be combined freely within their own set. All other sets, the symbol must match exactly.


What are free stones?

  • A stone is free when it's not covered (entirely or party) by another stone.

  • No other stone can be left of right next to the stone at the same level.

  • If you can move the stond to the left or right without hitting another stone, the stone is free.

Points and time limits

  • You have 10 minutes.

  • For every stone you've cleared, you get 5 points.

  • If you remove all 144 stones, you get 720 points.

  • For every second that remains, you get 1,6 bonus points.


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