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Sports betting is a product where the prize (quote) is determined by supply and demand. Quotes from different suppliers can be extremely different for the same match. So before you decide you want to place a bet, it can be very wise to see where you will get the best quote.

There are roughly two kinds of sportbooks on the internet. One group aims more at the United States, where sports like basketball, baseball and American Football are more popular. The other group is aimed more at European sports like soccer.


On the sites of the various sportsbooks, the quotes will be presented as follows:


  home draw away
Real Madrid - Barcelona 2.80 3.20 4.50


2,80 means:  you think that Real Madrid will win. The sportsbook pays you 2,8 times your bet if Real Madrid does win.

3,20 means: you think that Real Madrid and Barcelona will draw. The sportsbook pays you 3,2 times your bet if indeed they draw.

4,50 means: you think that Barcelona wins. The bookmaker will pay you 4,5 times your bet if Barcelona does win.

But not all sportsbooks show their quotes in the same way. In general, there are three quote types that bookmakers use.

Quote types

In the mainland of Europe, usually decimal quotes are used, while in England and the United States you will come across different kinds of quotes.

          Decimal/European quote UK/fractional quote American quote
Real Madrid         2.80  9/5  + 180
draw         3.20 11/5  + 220
Barcelona         4.50  7/2  + 350

Decimal/European quote

Decimal quotes are the most common. This quote shows what your total payout is when you bet 100 for instance. At a quote of 2,8 and a bet of 100 euros, you get 280 euros. A 180 euro profit.

UK/fractional quote

Almost all British bookmakers use this quote because it's very popular in England. The UK quote shows the profit per unit of 100. A quote of 9/5 means you get 180 euros profit when you bet 100 euros.

American quote

American notations show negative and positive quotes. Positive quotes show how much you win if you bet 100. A +180 quote means that if you bet 100, you will earn a 180 profit. Negative quotes show how much you  need to bet to win 100. At a quote of 1.50 the American quote is -200. Because this means that you would have to bet 200 euros to earn a 100 euro profit.


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