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PokerRoom School

PokerRoomSchool has set out to teach beginners how to play professional poker. The team of this poker site consists of experienced coaches, some of which are professional poker players.

To start off your poker career, PokerRoomShool doesn't just offer you professional poker strategies, but als a free bankroll of $150 ($50 through PokerSchool and $100 through CD Poker)


  • free $ 50 after registration and completion of the quiz
  • $ 100 bonus after download CD Poker (no deposit required)

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CasinoBazar rating 7.0
Player rating n.a.

common features

PokerRoomSchool offers all variations of te poker game. First you need to register for an account, after which you have access to all the poker facilities, like schooling, learning materials and advanced play. If you're a new and unexperienced player, go directly to PokerRoomSchool to start your poker education.Just click on 'never played Texas Hold'em' during registration.

If you're an experienced player, take the poker quiz so your poker level can be determined. PokerRoomSchool works with an online poker site. Depending on your score, you are sent to CD Poker or to the school for low limit practice games. After registration, and downloading the poker software, a PokerRoomSchool employee calls you to check your details. After that, you start with $50 for free. If you didn't receive a phone call within 48 hours of registering, send an e-mail to

deposit options and supported platforms

No software download. Players are redirected to the CD Poker site after a test, where they can download the poker software.



  • free $50 after registration and taking the PokerRoomSchool quiz to practice with other players

  • bonus of $100 extra if you're good enough to start at CD Poker


  • bonus of $100 at CD Poker is only released after you reach 12.000 CD Points. This means you get $10 for every 1200 CD Points

  • offer is not valid if you already have an account at CD Poker


  • 24/7 customer support

  • E-mail:

  • Phone 080-0520-0357 (toll free from UK)

  • Phone: +35-924 894 148 (international)