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888 Sports is the sports book site of the founders of 888 Casino on Net. The frontpage of the site offers a lot of news on sports games and live events. Every news item is a betting article, meaning you can decide to place a bet.

The Live Scores area shows the games that are currently active so you can see how your bets are doing. You can also view team statistics for home and away games.


  • Place a bet of € 40 or more and you get € 40 free (only for new players)

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CasinoBazar rating 7.0
Player rating n.a.

common features

The site offers access to casino, bingo, backgammon and poker. You can look at the site without having to log in. However, if you want to place a bet you need to log in. After you've placed a bet, it can be seen in your betting slip, which is shown in the top left of your screen.

Please note that when you issue a payout request, you get your money on the account that you've deposited money in first. For instance: if you deposited $50 through Neteller first, then $50 through your MasterCard and now you want to cash out $150 because you've won a bet, $50 is deposited on your Neteller account, $50 on your MasterCard, and after that you can choose how to receive your money. These rules are in place to prevent money laundering, and is part of the safety policy of 888.

You can place a bet for any amount starting at $1. You can look at odds in decimal quotes, American quotes or fractional (UK) quotes. For more explanation about this, please read our sports rules.

Bet categories

American Football, Atletics, Aussie Rules, Basketbal, Boxing,Cricket, Darts, Entertainment, Financial, Golf, Basebal, Handbal, Icehockey, Motorraces, Olympic Summergames, Horce Racing, Politics, Rugby, Snooker/Pool, Tabletennis, Tennis, Soccer, Wintersports, LIVE games

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  • reliable site that's part of the rock solid 888 Group

  • Live Scores

  • watch team statistics


  • betting aimed more at British games than European