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BetUS Sports

BetUS is a bookmaker of American origin, active since 1996. Around 500 people work for BetUS, which services 100.000 players all over the world.

Apart from bets, the company also has a poker and casino website. Apart from sports categories you can also place bets at BetUS for stock listings, Hollywood gossip, the weather and politics.


  • 50% welcome bonus at first deposit
  • 50% bonus at any next deposits
  • Loyalty Program
  • earn Player Points and exchange them into gifts

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BetUS Sports


CasinoBazar rating 8.0
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common features

BetUS has its main offices in Costa Rica and Canada, with legal gaming licenses. You can place bets on anything that's possible and imaginable on the BetUS website. The company is known for its generous bonuses and promotions.

BetUS advertises by saying that if you would bet $5 on 22 games, and correctly predict the outcome of all of them, you would win $1 million. Don't let this be the reason to start gambling at BetUS, but if you do manage to correctly predict the outcome of 22 games, we would love to hire you.

The site is very user friendly and allows you to show quotes in American, fractional (UK) or decimal style. Another plus is the customer friendly and professional help desk that is always ready to answer your questions. The bookmaker is also known for its fast pay outs. As it was founded in 1996, you can call BetUS a reliable and respectable company.

Betting categories

American Football, Basketbal, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Entertainment, Financial, Golf, Handbal, Basebal, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, Nascar, Horce Racing, Politics, Pool, Poker, Rugby, Chess, Snooker, Surfing, Tennis, Ultimate Fighting, Volleybal, Soccer, Cycling, Wintersports

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  • Live Betting on popular sports matches

  • place bets on practically anything you can place a bet on

  • reliable company with a solid reputation

  • fast pay outs

  • professional help desk

  • Live Chat with help desk


  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Live Chat

  • Phone: 1-889-59-23887

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