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Play 65

Play 65 is the largest backgammon room in the world, which organises $50.000 tournaments regularly.

During peak hours, over 20.000 players are online.


  • 20% up to € 20 on your first deposit!

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Play 65


CasinoBazar rating 8.0
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common features

Play 65 awards players grades by measuring their results. A player with a higher grade pays a higher rake. The idea behind this, is to keep stronger players from focussing on weaker players, as this would cause the weaker players to give up more easily and perhaps never return to the site ever again.

While playing it's almost as if you're playing on a wooden board with the accompanying sound effects. Each player has 2 clocks. There's the 'move timer', which is reset after each move, and the 'global timer', which never resets unless the other player does not respond on time. Players can choose to play at normal or fast speed. Normal speed sets the move timer at 45 seconds and the global timer at 2.5 minutes. Fast speed places the move timer to 25 seconds, and the global timer to 1.5 minutes.

There are a lot of tournaments you can compete in. There are also many satellite tournaments using which you can win seats to the end tournaments, with prize money of almost $100.000. Before you decide to play with real money, you can also choose to play with play money.

You can also chat to your opponent, but as you're playing against time as well, you probably won't use this feature very often.

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  • largest backgammon room in the world

  • loads of players

  • great graphical environment


  • stronger players pay a higher rake than weak players