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PartyGammon is part of PartyGaming. You can log into the site by using the same account that you use at for instance PartyPoker or PartyCasino.


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CasinoBazar rating 7.0
Player rating n.a.

common features

PartyGammon uses 3D wooden boards, which make it seem as if you're playing for real. Each player plays against time by using a local timer and global timer. The local timer is reset after every move. The global timer starts when the other player does not respond fast enough.

Player can choose from 3 different speeds:

Normal is 45 seconds for each move, plus 3 minutes for the global timer.
Fast is 30 seconds for each move and 2 minutes for the global timer.
Express is a mere 15 seconds for each move, and a 1 minute global timer.

Unfortunately it's not yet possible to save games.

Many players are available. You can participate in an open table, or set up your own table with bets, limits and preferences that you set.

The rake structure is set up so that more experienced players pay a higher rake at a heads up game than players who are just starting out and don't have that much experience yet. The lowest rake is 1.375%, capped at $5, at a game between 2 experienced players (ratings over 1700). The highest rake for players with a rating of less than 1700 is 4% (1 point match at a game of $ 20 or less)


  • Single games: $0,50+, $10+ en $50+

  • Match: $0,50+, $10+ en $50+

  • Sit n Go's: $0+, $10+, $50+

  • Tournaments

  • Play Money



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  • beautiful 3D graphical interface


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  • a lot of emphasis on playing with real money, not leaving any time to socialize