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BG Room

BG Room is active since 2006 and attracts a lot of players because it offers $5 for free upon registration. Depositing real money is not needed. You can start by playing freerolls right away, which do not require you to pay a buy-in.

During peak hours, around 1.000 players can be found online.


  • Free $ 5 at opening account (no deposit required)
  • Weekly $ 500 Tuesday Tournament (buy-in $ 7)
  • Monthly $ 2,500 Toernooi (buy-in $ 25)
  • 30% welcome bonus at first deposit

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CasinoBazar rating 7.0
Player rating n.a.

common features

The layout of the playing board and the animations are great. You can deposit amounts to your account starting at $ 20. BG Room is known for their many tournaments and sit & go's.

BG Room works with 128 bit encryption and SSL technology, making sure that all your financial information are handled 100% safely and confidentially. You don't have to worry about a thing when depositing money to your player account.

You can choose from 3 game types with corresponding speeds. If you play Blitz, you will have 15 seconds to make your move, and the game will last 1.5 minutes. If you play Normal, you will have 20 seconds to make a move, and the game lasts 2.5 minutes. At Slow games, you have 25 seconds to make your move, and the game lasts 3.5 minutes.

BG Room works with a so called player status system. This system guarantees that you only play against players with the same skills as yourself. This protects players that are just starting out from the more experienced professionals. BG Room clearly indicates at which score your status will change. For instance, your status will increase faster if you beat an opponent that's ranked higher than yourself, compared to beating an opponent that's ranked lower than you are. The opposite is true for losing.


Money Play (single game), 2 pt Match Play, 3 pt Match Play, 5 pt Match Play, 7 pt Match Play, 9 pt Match Play, 13 pt Match Play, 14 pt Match Play, 17 pt Match Play, 21 pt Match Play, Tournaments

Rake (minimum of € 0,25 at single and match games)

3,9% commission at all games

1-3 pt Match Play: 4,9%

4 pt Match Play and higher: 4,9% + increase of 0,5%

deposit options and supported platforms

Deposit options



Supported platforms



  • relatively many cash players

  • free $5 without having to deposit money

  • Live Chat

  • good bonus structure



  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Live Chat

  • E-mail: (queries about deposits/cashouts)

  • E-mail: (queries about bonuses)

  • Phone: +1-403-774-4165