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Mahjong Time

Mahjong Time is one of the few onilne Mahjong websites on the internet.

The site was founded in 2005 and has grown quite a bit since then, thanks to the free games that are offered.


  • Win tickets for the WSOM (buy-in $ 5000)

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Mahjong Time


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common features

You can play Mahjong on this game without having to download any software. The site became very popular among the millions of Mahjong players across the world in a short time. There are several reasons for this. The site is available in several languages for instance, such as Chinese. You can win access to big tournaments such as the WSOM (World Series of Mahjong) and you can win some nice cash prizes. You can get an thorough explanation on the various Mahjong games. Access to the site is safe and secure. You can also access a large Mahjong community.

Every player starts with their own rating, which represents their wins and losses. This keeps the game fair and you can play against players of your own level.


Hong Kong Mahjong, American Style Mahjong, European Classical Mahjong, Taiwanese Mahjong, WSOM Rules, Chinese Official, Japanese Style



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  • pay using PayPal

  • one of the largest and most popular Mahjong sites on the internet

  • play for free

  • win access to the WSOM

  • secured environment

  • no download necessary


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