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Betsson Scratchcards

Betsson Scratchcards is part of the Betsson Group, a Swedish stock listed gambling company with more than 150 employees. Betsson is specialized in online gambling and mainly targets European countries.


  • Prizes that can be won start at € 2, go up to € 100.000
  • Chance of winning something is 36,5%

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Betsson Kras


CasinoBazar rating 6.0
Player rating n.a.

common features

At Betsson Scratchcards you have a high chance to win. If you reveal the same amount three times, you win. With Betsson's Trio card, you scratch directly on the screen. You can win up to € 100.000. A Trio card costs € 2.

You need to have an account at Betsson to be able to play. Then, log in and click the "buy card" button. Point your mouse at the scratching area, hold your mouse button and scratch by moving your mouse. The amounts you can win range from € 2 to € 100.000. If you scratch the same amount three times, you win and have to click the "winner's check" to confirm that you've won. If you forget to do this, there's no need to worry. Betsson checks all cards 24 hours per dag, your winnings will automatically be added to your account soon.

deposit options and supported platforms

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  • high chance of winning


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  • Phone: +356 22603000

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