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In these terms & conditions:

means the company that operates this website

is the offering of information on selected national and international online gambling companies

the online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks that are selected by, both nationally and internationally

the website that can be reached at

the person who wishes to use the services as offered on the Site

1. services

1.1 offers information on products of online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks, hereafter called "Offerers". does not offer online gaming themselves.

1.2 All Offerers that are selected by were selected because they meet certain criteria. These criteria, among others, entail a good payout system, a good help desk and being in posession of some kind of international seal of approval.

1.3 cannot be held responsible for the way these companies do business.

2. Declaration and obligations of Members

2.1 Members declare that by using the Services, he is not breaking any laws in the country he lives in.

2.2 Members guarantee that they are authorized to use these Services.

2.3 Members do not consider these Services as unethical, does not condemn them or consider them as dishonest.

2.4 Members agree to act by the regulations on the Site, such as forum rules and these terms & conditions.

3. username and password.

3.1 Members provide with a username and password. They are completely responsible for all activities on this site, that are taken using their username and password.

3.2 Members will warn us immediately if someone else uses their username and password to visit the Site.

3.3 is not responsible for any damages caused by unauthorized use of their username and password.

4. Profits/losses and taxes

4.1 Members are aware that when playing for money with the Offerers listed on the Site, they run the risk to lose money.

4.2 Members declare that it is their own responsibility to report income from gambling activities to their country's tax collector's office.

5. Privacy

5.1 respects and protects the privacy of all of the Members

5.2 never gives any Member information to others, withour prior consent, unless they are required to do so by law.

5.3 can use the e-mail addresses of Members to keep them informed of promotions or to conduct market research. If Members do not want this, they can send an e-mail to to let us know.

5.4 The Site contains links to other websites. cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of these websites.

6. Copyright

6.1 Nothing on this website may be reproduced or used without prior and written consent of

6.2 All intellectual properties, such as copyright, trademarks and other rights that protect the contents and design of the CasinoBazar website lie with the owner.

6.3 Part of the rights mentioned above include the logo, the slogan "your guide to online gaming pleasure", the registered trademarks of, photos, images, icons, text, sounds, design and use of color, as well as the structure of the CasinoBazar website and other materials or images.

6.4 Violation of these rights by others will be laid before an authorized judge.

7. Guarantees

7.1 takes great care to gather and create the content of the Site. offers their Site and any information on it, on an "as is" basis, as far as applicable laws allow it, not including any guarantees of any sorts, promises or protection of any kind, including (though not limited to) expulsion of guarantees in the case of using intellectual properties, marketability, quality standards, suitability for a certain goal and non-violation of intellectual properties or rights of third parties.

7.2 specifically cannot guarantee that:

a. The Site will be in operation continuously, all information on the Site is correct and that any mistakes can be corrected;

b. Third parties will not be able to use their systems illegally.

8. Gambling addiction

8.1 cannot be held responsible by Members that get into financial problems or become addicted to gambling.

8.2 When a Member thinks he is addicted to gambling, he can go to address below to get help and information.

8.3 GamCare, tel: 0845 6000 133 or +44 20 7801 7000



9. Changes to the terms & conditions

9.1 reserves the right to make changes to these terms & conditions.

9.2 With each change of these terms & conditions, notifies their Members of this by sending an e-mail.